Free PhD? Short Cut Doctorates?

I got this from Jordon Cooper. He posts really good links! Thanks Jordon …


Free Ph.D from

Ever wonder who buys those fake degrees? Apparently professors, doctors, and researchers. Check out this file for all the horrible details. Warning, it is a PDF

Why did this interest me?

well, first is because I was invited back into my denomination’s education committee. Second, because the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (Malaysia) published in their newsletter (PDF file) sometime ago on cheap degrees (hey in Malaysia we don’t get stuff free! But, cheap yes!) Third, I’m saddened by the “drive” or “need” for recognition with a “Dr.” in front of your name! I like “genuine” Doctors they inspire me and encourage me (quite a number have been great mentors!) I’m worried about “quacks”, whether physically, emotionally, intellectually, etc. I think it hurts the church in the long run. Kyrie Eleison.

My prayer is we pastors and Christian leaders won’t join the “crowd” above on this …. Amen.

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