Rethinking Church Models Through Scripture

Thanks to Mark Norridge who posted this on >article which focuses on the Old Testament Sciptureson the Organic Church blog Mind Mapped some thoughts and hope to explore this further relating it to my journey through BLC and beyond. Here’s a liberating gem from Walter Brueggemann,

“There is no one single or normative model of church life. It is dangerous and distorting for the church to opt for an absolutist model that it insists upon in every circumstance. Moreover, we are more prone to engage in such reductionism, if we do not keep alive a conversation concerning competing and conflicting models. Or to put it positively, models of the church must not be dictated by cultural reality, but they must be voiced and practiced in ways that take careful account of the particular time and circumstance into which God’s people are called. Every model of the church must be critically contextual. “

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