Formed by His Grace

“There are few people who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves into His hands, and let themselves be formed by His Grace.” ~ Ignatius

These were beautiful words that set the tone for my in-front-of-computer sacredgateway time. This morning it was harder to get beyond page one of my prayer journaling time because Gareth was climbing unto my lap and grabbing the red pen. He knew Grandma Kit was coming so … there was some struggle 🙂

So turned out, I just had about 15minutes of solitude a while ago in the thinking room at the Father’s House, which a time I hunger for God’s intimacy. The slowing down, the reading, the conversation, the responding time is healing to my soul. And true enough there’s a “sensation” of being formed by His grace.

We live in a world full on ungrace (I remember Lewis Smedes used that phrase or Philip Yancey in their books). I’ve been in situations and in touch with people that seem to ooze ungrace even though it’s suppose to be full of God’s grace. Words, attitudes, actions, thinking, … the whole environment. And it’s easy to just keep on reacting to this “ungrace”.

But, I’m glad for the 15minutes window into a different reality … a reality where the God of Grace reaches out into a finite, sinful, work-in-progress being to form him again … and again … and again … His hands are not destructive but constructive, His ways are not condemning but compassionate, He is firm and not flimsy, … the list goes on.

In His hands I feel “safe” to abandon myself and just let Him …

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