Biscuits … Pringles .. Tapioca…Cheese


Well, that was the first item he headed for, and then I tried to introduce “persuasively” to internalize the Pringles Experience (which has been ongoing … mind you *hehehehe*)


May Chin “counter proposed” with Tapioca chips … but his eyes seemed to be glued on Cheese. At the end, mama won with “Tapioca” but not for Gareth but for herself 🙂 she loves them. I’ve been banned from Pringles to get fitter 🙂 and Gareth doesn’t mind … he just likes to “gai gai” (some funny word we use with kids that means “we’re going out!”)


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3 Responses to Biscuits … Pringles .. Tapioca…Cheese

  1. DB says:

    haha he looks exactly like you with that can of pringles in his arms, looked pretty excited about the biscuits too !

  2. Ben says:

    Hmmm.. Pringles corruption? I wonder if there’s any connection between Pringles and Christianity… during DNA last year, some of us skipped siesta (something the officers got mad about later) to gorge ourselves on Pringles and have a Phases discussion. It was Saturday I think…

  3. SB says:

    It is beautiful to see him becoming a little / big person! His expressions are priceless.

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