Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird


It’s not new, but I’m back using Mozilla Firefox for web-browsing and trying out Thunderbird for emails. Of course, it’s still great to have Gmail’s 1GB and Yahoo’s increased 100MB and other features.

I’ve come back one full cycle … that will be enough trying for now. .. on with the job!


One thought on “Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird

  1. I used Thunderbird for a while but found I had some issues with it sending emails in a non-standard format making some servers reject some emails. especially emails with .doc attachments.

    ive gone back to using firefox for browsing and regular mozilla mail, (which is usually more up to date than thunderbird) as my mail client.

    some of the extensions for firefox are cool, go and download the web developers toolkit extension and the tabbrowser extensions, each of them have made my life a heck of a lot easier.

    the tabbrowser one allows you to undo the closing of a tab as well as a few other neat things…

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