Joy at Andechs


It looks tempting doesn’t it, especially for a Butcher’s descendant (me!). But in reality .. we shared this amongst 5 of us. Marcus and Karen our hosts from Fürstenfeldbruck . I agree with Marcus on his observation about all the people around us including ourselves. Everyone was happy, chatting loudly, some even howling with laughter .. all this at the Andechs Monastry of the Benedictine order famous for “Ora Et Labora” (i.e. work is prayer, prayer is work). I guess when we really “pray and work” the whole as aspect of “play” gets included as well …


I think I didn’t manage to tell Marcus I wanted a smaller glass …


As you can see, my Mainland Chinese friends are in a celebrative mood too …

I did get some “inspirational” thoughts after this visit … but I’ll share that in another post. Cheers! Prost! (in German!)

3 thoughts on “Joy at Andechs

  1. SB

    MATE!!! I hope the inspiration did not come AFTER the beer!!!

    It looks like everything comes in mega quantities… will I retire there??

    PS Thanks for looking after us in your absence with all the great guest speakers- we have been feeling loved through that.

  2. Ben

    Hi! Did you tell them about the wonders of our Mamak?…

    Heheheh.. giant beer and pretzels (it looks like a pretzel to me)!

  3. Confession: i’ve been silently frequenting your blog since JB Wesley’s family camp last june.

    Until i chanced upon your graphical representation of European fare.

    PORK KNUCKLE! *blink blink* DUDE! *throws hands up in the air* Bliss, innit?!

    But heh, thank you for your posts, they have been most encouraging. Absolutely insightful, albeit mindbogglingly incomprehensible, sometimes. You da bomb.

    Have fun Ps sivin, and God Bless!

    (Yeah, strange innit, took me a pork knuckle to get me going like this. gotta rethink my priorities, that’s what.)

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