Thoughts from a 32year Old: How broadband & blogging changed my life


Ok I’m “a Rat” — born in the year 1972 today! May Chin will say I always have a way to “sniff” out where she hides the potato chips (what can I say it’s a gift! It’s in born – I mean the sniffing). When I want something, somehow the “sniffing” & “searching” natural(God-given?!) abilities kick in and wah lah!

So when I had Broadband internet access it it made it possible for me to really enjoy my “sniffing” around the net and “munching” or “storing” (downloading) tons of information (from Pdf files to audio files) so I get a wider and faster taste of the goodies that’s available. Of course, I also quickily spit out “trash” and have an occassional “food poisoning” (i.e. overload). But, I think I’m getting a hang of it. Of course, I already stepped into this new mode of “living” and “learning” with dial-up internet access … but that’s just the appetizer, now it’s feasting! (of course, I need to fast as well … for my sanity and humanity!) so as far as raw knowledge acquisition is concerned, a major shift!

And now for Blogging (my first efforts here). This plunges me deeper. At first, I just wanted to have a “place” to “record” down my moments and reflections. I never thought it actually gave me more confidence in my writing (which I still think it sucks!). The more delightful and surprising aspect is how new “friendships” (to many to even link now) that are formed by a “generous” exchange of ideas and links (and love/respect/encouragement/correction?!). I find my horizons constantly “expanding” and more multiple “connections”in terms of ideas and insights. And of course, in a context like that, I believe some “butterfly effect” kind of change (for the better of course) is happening! Some of this has spilled over even to others in the church and now we even have a BLC community blog and of course trying to experiment whether we can share our mutual learning here (starting with our leaders and an avid reader).

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