The Hiking Path Meant For One


Ok Chin Hor is the young reflective lad with spikey hair and a tender heart. James with the bass guitar (who’s blog has vanished I heard until he gets one back) is the playful and fun-loving youngest council member we’ve got. These two lads are the “creative” wing of BLC and great camera men. They have the coolest hairstyles in our church.

Chin Hor’s has been blogging (not all BLC members blog, some do, some don’t), but I thought I’d introduce the newest BLC blogger to all …

The Hiking Path Meant for One

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  1. Chin Hor says:

    *sniff* Thanks Sivin for the props! 🙂 I was a lil stunned to see my face and a post related to myself! May i also say that you too are a great camera man! My blog’s nonsense lah…hehehe i’d be embarrassed if people visited it. It’s more of a private domain for me and people i know 🙂

    Anyway, could i trouble my Pastor to email me pics he quietly took of me? Anything convenient you find in your archive. Thanks! 🙂

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