Thank God for Sunsets and …


some “perceptive” readers of this blog might have wondered – why I haven’t posted anything the last few days. It’s out of the ordinary … right?

Well, our family were enjoying sunsets like this one at Tioman Island for 3 evenings. It was good to get away from the busy routine that we’re usually in. And since May Chin’s sister, brother in law and children came all the way from England to visit … I’m glad we could take the chance and have a group holiday together with May Chin’s parents, another sister with her husband and daughter.

We came home yesterday … when I was at the worship rehearsal during the time of prayer, I immediate response to the question, “What do you want to thank God for?” was … Thank God for sunsets … and people to share them with!

And that’s just an opener … there’s also many little details that fills me with joy and gratitude.

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