Motivation & Discipline

These thoughts will carry me this week … Thanks Conrad!

“You know the difference between motivation and discipline, right? Motivation is a feeling; it’s about arranging your brain so that you feel like doing something you know you want to do, or arranging things around you so that they arrange your brain to feel like doing something. Novelty and variety and pleasure are ways of making yourself feel motivated to do something.

Discipline isn’t a feeling, it’s a way of life. It’s about arranging your brain so that you will do something you know you want to do even when you don’t feel like doing it. Consistency makes you disciplined. Discipline is like a muscle, the Get It Done gurus tell us. You’ve got to use it and use it for it to get stronger.” ~ Conrad Gempf

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2 Responses to Motivation & Discipline

  1. David says:

    so true, I’m afraid I engage in the former more often then the latter.

  2. Ryan Sharp says:

    Hi Sivin, I cannot email out right now…

    Regarding your last email:

    That all sounds great. Holly is still recovering from her sickness (nothing serious), so some downtime should be great. We would love to see the city you spoke of… Maleka was it? Should be great. Thanks for all your help in setting this up. Also, should I bring my acoustic guitar? Lemme know.

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