Random Links 49

Miroslav Volf Spans Conflicting Worlds
This following statement caught my attention, “He is a Pentecostal among evangelicals, a mainline Christian among evangelicals, and an evangelical in the mainline. Growing up, he was a Christian among communists.”

A Reflection on the Spirituality of David Bosch
Seeing the relevance from a Korean-Canadian view in Philipines. Wow!

Salvation Theology in a Taoist Context: Examining and Traversing the Theological Bridge That Is “The Way”
Couldn’t resist the title …

“Culture, Contextualization, and Conversion”: Missiological Reflections from the Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue (1990-1997)
These 3 Cs have been cropping up in my consciousness a lot.

Global Christianity is changing. How do these changes influence conflict and peace?
“As a translation movement Christianity is a religion made to travel.” … now with that in the abstract I’ll be reading this later.

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