Random Thoughts at the LCMS HQ


Well… I liked this first photo I took before the Worship gathering started yesterday! After the worship gathering, a bunch of “boys” – including me had a great time jamming. The energy was great! I miss these moments and this was refreshing.

My off day Monday turned into a work day … that’s ok. I foresaw this. I’m glad the two meetings I had were fruitful. I sense there’s a possibility of moving forward.

May Chin and I had a great evening yesterday with a young couple. It’s great to see how Gareth interacted with the lovely lady amongst us. It’s rare to see Gareth warm up so quickly with one who’s considered a stranger. some people just have a “magic touch” with kids.

I’m also delighted to see how mature the couple are in handling their relationship. Not bad considering their age. 🙂 God’s blessing be upon them.

surprisingly, I had some thoughts to focus my M.Theol program on Saturday when I was suposed to finalize my message for Sunday. I still managed to the message but it’s strange how often when my mind needs to focus on item A, more ideas come for item B. 🙂

I’m still waiting for my broadband line to get “reconnected” 🙁

Someone said I’m fatter 🙁

Hope to swim tonight 🙂 cut the fat?

I hope to pick up some focused reading again … tonight or tomorrow.

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