Another “eMo” Meeting …TOMORROW!

as you can see we’re very much trying to get organized *grin*

Date: Saturday 26 November 2005
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: 43 Meazzanine Floor SS2/64 47300 P.J
(It is in SS2. Same row as Salvation and Evangel. Just one floor up from the
England Optical outlet. )
For those who are not sure how to go call me at 013-3507246

Topic: Emerging Concerns & Possible Solutions in Malaysian Christianity
(our focus is to pay attention a little bit more on what’s happenign in our country socio-political-economic wise… and how Christians are responding at different levels – of course our focus will be back on the personal and local church level for starters)

This topic will be based on some reports from
– simple report on the recent CFM conference (Sivin)
– some interaction between some of us with the NECF Research commission (Kia Meng & Alwyn)

that would be at least 60minutes worth of stuff to be introduced to. and then we’ll have smaller group discussions. and have some practical ideas sharing that would take another 45minutes then eat!.

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