Random Thoughts after quite a day


The moment I awoke … it’s been non-stop since with some special moments here and there.

anxious – calm – wondering – prayerful – assured – jittery – bored – happy – peaceful – a whole range of emotions and moods flowed through me the whole day.

DB’s Post Trust and Obey captures in a way .. our time with the Rumah Hope Kids. There was one moment where I felt hey … we prepared the games for them but we are not playing with them so I dashed in and played with them (ok … I can start theologizing here but I shall refrain). At another point it was wonderful just to play “volleyball” in a circle and try to keep the ball up 20times … as an initial goal. There were too many little moments captured in my digital camera.

One special one was a short conversation with a Father who was walking with his son with learning disabilities and they kind of shared in the joy we had while playing.

Managed to rush home for a short rest before I headed for a wedding (which started late). happy to find a parking next to the hotel (that was before even uttering a prayer request for a parking lot *grin*)

Missed another friends wedding, skipped the dinner tonight and will have one tomorrow and another one next week … it’s “getting married season”!

The wedding ceremony was one of the longer ones I had lately 🙂 there was a pretty long sermon (with translation of course) and 4 presentations (mine was the last). I must admit my rendeirng of the hymn “Here is Love” to my opinion was not that professional but I did sing it honestly and with genuineness … Interesting comments after the service on my guitar playing too (I wasn’t too used to the loud monitors).

Enjoyed feeding Elysia today … had some time with her while May Chin did some shopping, got dinner for me and pick up Gareth.

Centering a little while I’m doing this post. Listening to a Ultima Thule ambient music download. It’s been helpful for me lately.

Watching a special suprise gift – Classic Albums – U2: The Joshua Tree DVD yesterday was a needed cushion for a stressful moment.

Will be off to Sacred Gateway to get to be in a place of encounter

Lots of blog if I want to … but there’s sunday worship tomorrow where I’ll be preaching and conducting holy communion for another Lutheran church. An evening wedding dinner, final preparations for a weeklong camp next week, then return hopefully to catch a spirituality seminar if possible, and another dinner and then Sunday preach and conduct communion at a different Lutheran Church then it’s all plunge into BLC’s Christmas plans … phew!

It’s been quite a day today … a day which I’m thankful .. I know there will be more to come.

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