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My Year in Blogging
Good warning here … “I still am bewildered at the way some bloggers talk to one another — and you can get a good sample of this if you look at Tony Jones’ site and see the sort of meanspiritedness in the responses to his posts. This I simply can’t accept as a form of Christian discourse. The standard rule obtains: don’t say to others what you don’t want them to say to you, or don’t write things you wouldn’t say if you were facing the person yourself. If you do, you should be ashamed of your calling to walk in the way of Jesus. Disagreement and nastiness are not the same thing. Conversation and scoring points with cheap shots are neither winsome nor wholesome.”

God’s Keynote Speech (Mp3) (HT: liquidthinking
This is so fun!

Post Christmas Hangover (and some pics) and Christmas Decorations at Mid Valley (Yeah, yeah, here we go again)
My pics don’t represent the full picture of Christmas in Malaysia, the pictures in these two posts speak very loud of what’s going on in the general public here.

From Idea to Execution (via Resonate)
Food for thought … “While we trust that there are examples of ingenious, creative, and highly determined souls who can overcome both the long odds that face any strategic experiment and an organization that fights them at every turn, we think they are extremely rare. Organizations are almost always more powerful than people. Corporations serious about building a capacity for strategic innovation cannot simply hope that they have a few intrapreneurs somewhere inside that can save the day on their own inspired initiative. They must reexamine how their organizations are constructed. Only through careful redesign can organizations excel at both efficiency and entrepreneurship.”

CandleLight Vigil in Front of KL High Court
This is serious … and sad.

No Church? No Problem
I jumped to the closing paragraph … “Do you want to become a Revolutionary? First, trade your copy of Revolution for Life Together, the manifesto written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer during the dark days of Nazi Germany. Then, if you want to do heroic and revolutionary exploits, go back to your local church. That’s something so spiritually challenging that several million people no longer want to do it.”. I havent’ read Barna’s Revolution yet but Bonhoeffer’s Life Together is great and needs to be read by all! Perhaps, we can acknowledge the varied descriptions of the changes happening in our world today (even attitudes towards the local church) without seeing them as necessarily “prescriptive”?

Linking to Cyberchurch (HT from the author)
Excellent words here – “Cyberchurch does not replace the physical and it does a poor job reproducing it.” I giggled when I read this, but more so rejoiced for the Baptism and Christmas dinner and fully agree “some stuff don’t work on the web!”- “Last week I baptised three of my daughters. We used real water and a real location. Using the virtual spa in my virtual online web space would have been easier and warmer, but some things cannot be replaced by the virtual. Christmas dinner, for example, and baptism—just don’t work on the web.”

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