Nails and Thorns


Here’s the Nails and Thorns: Lent Meditations (pdf) where I’ll be posting daily meditations from.

Some months ago, my fellow Methodist pastor Rev. Ting Moy Hong invited me to write for the Malaysian TRAC Methodist Youth version lent Meditations. I said why don’t we make it a joint Lutheran and Methodist project. Of course, all this is first and foremost possible because of our friendship since seminary days. so, it was great to invite fellow Lutheran Alwyn Lau along and then Anglican morphing into a Methodist (or whatever) Sherman Kuek and at the last moment Pentecostal married to a methodist pastor Rhema Rao. Thanks to Aaron for working hard in adapting a cover design plus working on the layout.

After reading through the meditations with all the different styles and all. I realised even though some of the writings might sound more “youthful”, overall I think it’s written with a more intergenerational mindset in mind. Well, one thing I enjoyed is that in this project in a very practical way starting with our friendship and the whole process I was encouraged by the commitment and generousity we experienced throughout. Anyway, please accept this as our gift to using this Lent Season to not just give up stuff but more importantly grow in maturity as a Christ-follower.

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