Lent 11.1: Letter to an “Enemy Lover”

Matthew 5.43-48

Dear Jesus,
I find it hard to love my “enemies”. Especially those who’ve hurt me with the words and their actions. I’m just trying to live day by day and get on with it, but there’s always some interference here or there. Uninvited “episodes” of pain and intrusion. Why can’t people just leave me alone? I wish people can just get along. I wish I could get along with everybody.

But, isolating myself from people won’t work too. I can’t hide forever and avoid being hurt (or could I? Hmm..) So, as long as I’m planted on this planet I might step on people and will surely be stepped on at some point. You had people spit on you (Ouch!). How did you handle all the abuse thrown at you? I know you are God and all that, but as a human being it still hurt right? So, the only way I can grow in this and in some way “be perfect” like our Father in heaven – is to follow you. There are perhaps some others who will support me. But, I’ll start with you Jesus, can you help me? When I’m dried up with any love inside, or energy to forgive and make up with my “enemies” (or at least learn to live with them!), could you pour me some of your love and energy? I’d appreciate that. Thanks. See you ..

Action: Write your own letter to Jesus and share with him about the struggle to love those who have been and are unkind to you.

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