Lent 34.1: ON GRACE

Jn 8.1-11

She was caught in a grave act: adultery (John 8.3-5). What a shameful act to have been caught in. They were literally waiting to pound her flesh, for justice had to be served, and the one who had been caught in such a grievous act of sin deserved to be punished; even if it meant death. But when they asked Jesus what they should do with this woman, after a brief moment of silence, he dismissed their charges by pronouncing that all these “judges” were no different from this adulteress herself.

God knows the state of the human heart. We have a propensity to sin from which we cannot escape. But the grace of God is far different from the judgement of humankind. Where humankind seeks to condemn, God simply says “Go, and sin no more”. Where humankind seeks to pound the flesh and to punish, God looks at the sinner through eyes of compassion and grace. And he leads the sinner gently into the path of righteousness. He is indeed the shepherd of those who have lost their way (Psalm 23.1-6). He restores the fallen.

Reflection: Knowing the gracious heart of God and how he seeks to restore those who have fallen instead of condemning them, how would you treat a fellow brother or sister who is found to have committed a serious sin?

(meditation by Sherman)

My response:
Makes me “retrieve” this ad …in my mind.

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