Maundy Revisited


I haven’t got my thoughts organized yet. There are many pictures, many moments and many reflections awaiting to be posted. It’s like this opening picture I took of the tables getting ready for the Maundy Thursday service and meal yesterday.

These words in Passover Meal by DB (who has a newly designed blog!) from our church captures the feel of the event (and more). Thank DB..

“Will be good to see some pictures from our intrepid camera men so will be looking for their blogs/shots soon. Very much enjoyed the whole night which was on a bigger scale than last year where we had a small group at home and I cooked with along with Adeline. The intimacy and Jewish recipes we used made it an altogether different kind of feeling. Tonight was like a huge family gathered around a large table with many ages represented. I would like to think that eating in heaven will be like that where we can gather with many and fellowship.

It is also good to re-connect with how Jesus related the passover using his Jewish roots to what it would mean for all to follow. Having only just watched The Passion last weekend when we spent some time in silence I thought about what he went through for us. I am very grateful that in spite of the fact we mostly don’t deserve it he still loves us and wants us to be with him.

This time of Lent has been odd for me in 2006 as I have been under much pressure on many fronts and I have not used the time to properly reflect on God and his sacrifice but tonight it all came together. I did not take even the small cup of wine for the toasts and I said to Sigrun when she said why not for the passover meal that I had not kept any other promises to God for Lent but that I had kept this one and it stands until Sunday.

Thanks God for taking these times to show us your love and grace even to a poor helpless sinner…”

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