Easter 1.0: Foreword

A group of us managed to sit down and contribute a series of meditations. I will tell you more about how I got to know these wonderful individuals and how we became friends. Most of us are part of the emergent Malaysia conversation (some are friends of those part of the conversation) I’ll be on holiday for a couple of days (thus I take full responsibility for the delay in getting the pdf file ready *sorry*) Once I’m back the pdf file should be ready and I’ll post it up. For now, I start with Sherman’s kind foreword and followed by Alwyn Lau’s first contributions. I felt it would be good to have something to help us along the Easter Season (another 50days I think!).



What happens when a bunch of friends comes together? They talk. They talk about things that matter to them. And as they talk, there is an overflow from this conversation into other facets of their lives. And soon, other people too are affected by this conversation.

It is in such a spirit that this series of Easter Meditations was written. It represents the heartbeat of a group of people who identify themselves as friends. This writing is their invitation for you to “eavesdrop” on the subjects of their discussion as people who are constantly discovering what it means to be friends of God.

Much time and effort has been poured into this simple piece of work. It is as simple as are our conversations and our friendships. It is our hope that you too will find your place in this conversational symphony. Join us as we seek to love the world and be loved in the Spirit of Christ. Have a blessed Eastertide.

Sherman YL Kuek

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