The Easter Kamunting Holiday 2.1

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My first two morning photos. I miss the cool early morning and the beautiful sunrise. The freshness, the morning dew, the sunflowers, the smell of morning grass … ahhh. These pictures are my way of savouring the moment in my imagination. What an awesoem God given gift to humans. 🙂

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I love this swing where the family can sit and enjoy the sunrise. it’s been a while since could sit with my kids and have a good swing. With that kind of whether cuddling Elysia took on new meaning. She’s always “cool” and “calm” no matter what (apart from times when she’s irritated.

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Cute to see Gareth adjusting his pants while coming down the stairs. One thing for sure this is all a fresh experience for Elysia.


I love this scene where Gareth walks with May Chin along the road for the cars to come in and out. The leisurely pace of the mornings is something I REALLY miss right now. Every morning was a breath of fresh new life. I’ll keep that in my imagination this Easter season.

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