Grace at Cameron 2006 – Sacred Space & Conversations

The time carved out for corporate worship together through songs, music, movement and prayer was precious. Nothing fancy. I loved the volume of voices filling the atmosphere as we united our hearts and minds on God. Soo-Inn led us in bringing our lives to converse with God’s word – through the Scriptures on the theme of “Grace”. This naturally created vocabulary or us to talk with each other about “stuff”.

The morning devotions and small group discussions were good. My group facilitator Ken Beng did well. I noticed that the dynamics of the groups are enhanced when everyone participates and shares. I was tremendously blessed to hear from other people’s stories.

The openness towards the “wholly other” overflowed rightly towards being open in conversations and prayer with the “human others” which made which integrates the loving God and loving neighbor bit better. “Space” & “Conversations” – we need them both.

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