Random Links 113

Voice of Asia (Prologue) ((1) (2)
Looking forward to see how Sherman develops this series. He’s surely one of the voices I’m listening to these days 🙂

The Centre of Theology and Philosophy (Online Papers)
Voices from the west worth paying some attention?

Radical Orthopraxy
My good friend beating this drum again to get our attention 🙂 perhaps it will be interesting to note the context that spurs such reflections.

Church Planters Reading List
Got some and will take a look at some I missed.

I was happy to download the whole album and recommend it to others.

Redeeming church meetings
As one who still goes for meetings, and even facilitate quite a few, I found this imaginary paraphrase of Jesus words insightful : “”When you attend meetings, don’t think that it’s the end-all, be-all of discipleship. Don’t think of it as ‘paying your dues’. Instead, put meetings in their proper place, as opportunities to celebrate the goodness of God, rehearse the story of redemption, and encourage one another in following me.””

Four Kinds of Temperament in Prayer (via Stephen Said)
Catholic spirituality applied … good stuff. Read this years ago. Good reminder.

A Divine Conspirator & Dr. Willard’s Diagnosis
I appreciate stuff like this: “A consequence of Willard’s academic honesty is his unwillingness to state who’s in and who’s out spiritually, which bothers critics who worry that he is a universalist. He says he doesn’t believe anyone will be saved except by Jesus, but he adds, “How that works out, probably no one knows.”” and the following re-occuring theme is needed again and again, can we hear it? “Dr. Willard’s diagnosis: A lot of us are doing Christianity at a putt-putt level. We want to be forgiven without following Jesus.”

How to Have Better Conversations
Nice to reminded of nothing that revolutionary.

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