Random Thoughts on New Year’s Day


Woke up … some good coffee … started the day with the Moravian Daily Texts.

Finally posted up “the Emerging Church” article .. but realized some of the fonts wasn’t compatible and the piece was peppered with “question” marks 🙂

Tried to take care of the 2 kids while May Chin went out of the house for a while.

A delightful surprise was a skype chat with Steve Knight and the postmodernegro prophet in person … then one and only Anthony Smith. It was short but extremely edifying. I jokingly said we should start a “lump together” village together because I’d be happy to lump myself with these guys!

Lunch with Ben Ong and friends made me feel young. I enjoyed the food, and conversations. Especially the wonderful line, “If all else fails, there is still chips!”. But what I caught right early on is some questions and currents of faith and ways forward which I hope to explore further someday.

Managed to catch a little nap after “forcing” Elysia to eat her pasta …

Attended a nice cosy birthday party having the them colors yellow and orange. Orange has emerged as one of my favorite colors the last few years. Orange and Black!

Just came back from a wedding dinner. One of the youth whom I pastored years ago is moving into a new stage in life. It was good to see old friends. It’s always a challenge for the 2 kids and mummy especially when we have to try to finisih the whole event – which usually starts an hour late and followed by a ten course dinner with toasts and some fun program in between.

Hardly had much space for contemplation apart from now. Just a little bit.

But I thought even these random thoughts are good to unload what’s in me for the day – a pretty eventful day.

Started with the Moravian Daily Texts this morning which I think is good. will read the texts and prayers again before I sleep tonight.

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