emergent Malaysia Open meeting January 13, Saturday


Date: January 13, Saturday Next week
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: The Father’s House (BLC premises)

Hi there, thanks for being patient with us.

first things first. Since we’ll be having a good chance to have some “conversations” with Brian McLaren in person … face to face in March 3-4 for the tentatively named “Quiet Revolution of Hope” Event (and for some even March 5th for the lectures in STM). We thought it would be a good idea for us to familiarize with some of his ideas and perhaps see where it does connect or doesn’t connect with our context.

So this upcoming open meeting will be a time for us to share our reviews and reflections on his books as a spring board to orientate our thinking. We pray and hope we can have the information and brochures ready for the January 13 open meeting. If you’d like to volunteer to “review and reflect” on one particular book. Just email back and let us know.

The main agenda is conversation on the ideas generated from the books and reactions to them. A secondary one would be if there are friends who are interested to talk about the “emerging church” article in Kairos Magazine/Monograph and any further questions on “emergent” related issues (I’d be happy to respond to it as well as those who helped write the piece!).

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