Song of Grace

Diet Coke

in the fullness of my life,
empty me of distractions.
Still my busyness.
Quiet my chatter.
Sing your song of grace to me
until the tune rings
in the core of my being
and my life resonates
with your good news.

Alive Now

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

It’s not too hard to dwell on bad news these days. In fact, it’s almost as if we are merely defined by bad news, and if we don’t join the crowd of complainers then we are “Escapists” or “Simpletons” – people who evade or are not aware of the complexities surrounding the issues at hand. Actually, it’s not that simple.

The God I believe in doesn’t ignore the bad news, but announces Good News …  Good News of putting the world right … some choose not to believe in that, others do … some of misconceptions of the good news and reduces it to mere religion, others scorn it as irrelevant … for me, it’s life giving, life shaping, and life directing … the Good News frees me from being sucked into being overwhelmed by the bad news, and frees me to listen and share the song of Grace so needed today.

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