Ewan and Elysia

Ewan and Elysia

Elysia has been really taken up by the arrival of her new brother … it’s quite an experience I suppose to suddenly not be the youngest in the family.  She talks about him all the time in, asks how is he doing, reports on him, and always always want to cuddle him or touch him. It’s almost as if there’s a surge of responsibility injected in her.

Of course, she’s still her bubbly self .. jumping around, disturbing her elder brother Gareth … driving him up the wall, and us too! I had a memorable moment last night between the siblings.  Both of them were kind of “fighting” for the little star Elysia was holding before they were to fall asleep.  When I suggested them to either surrender the item to each other, no one budged.  Both held their ground.  And we were stuck and bordering “war”.  Then I counter suggested that we share the little star with Ewan.  And then there was peace.

Intriguing …

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