Random Thoughts with Some Ribena!


I love carrying Ewan, and I love looking at him.  He’s got this really cool look and meaty body! 🙂


It’s always great to share "moments" and experiences with Gareth and Elysia.  The wonder in their eyes, the curiosity in their questions and the fun we have talking with people, … the total package is priceless. 


Today, the special moment was at the Car wash! 🙂

* * *

The Ribena was good … the journey back home was also good.  It’s these little gifts which balance out any "lows" for the day. 

It’s been a full day.  And yet, somewhere in between I go the needed "power nap" which I needed. But the days ahead are still very unpredictable.  I’m looking forward for some long needed solitude.

How does one keep their sanity especially when they have opened up themselves to others?  How do we move on firmly in our vulnerability?

Making it thus far has been quite a miracle … and many thanks to the reserves and also extra reinforcements when needed.

Some conversations made me think about what it means for us to be who we are, and what we do, and what we aspire, and what is expected, and … etc.

It’s a little too late in the night to be over-reflective.  These are random thoughts, so I’ll just think randomly.  It’s always been helpful (even for some who choose to read this blog).

Unload for a while, another ribena?

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