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Finished one session on Church History and Church Today, two more to go. I’m currently blogging from STM, Seremban in a lecture room while Malaysian Old Testament scholar Dr. Leong Tien Fook is recovering and expounding on the “fear of God” based on Psalms.

Two pictures are floating in my mind after a very lively time of interaction with the  D’NA campers. The first one which blurted out in a conversation was piranha 🙂 where in a way the young people (15-17years old) were devouring the speaker (me!) with their insightful questions and their won comments.  Of course, this image shows more of their hunger and quest to discover fresh answers to their questions.

This morning another picture came to my mind.  I recalled my Jesuit friend Jojo fung’s comment during the Friends in Conversation event last year on the “Theology of Pig” .  The emphasis was not on those who are eating the pig, but on the pig who willingly offers himself to be sacrificed for the consumption and livelihood of the indigenous people in the villages. (Of course, I have friends who do not consume the pig for religious, cultural and health reasons, please change and adapt the “pig” with chicken or some other animal! It’s hard to adapt for vegetarians).

So it’s a mix of the hunger of the students, and the offering of the teacher. Fascinating how this dynamic works out.

It’s always good to get away from the busy atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur once a while.

I’m really looking forward to the a much needed holiday for me and the family after Christmas.  Perhaps, I might be able to slot a one day Advent 2008 retreat before Christmas. These periodic short as well as longer breaks are crucial for one’s survival and significant.

This week a discussion of “Sabbatical” was very helpful.  I’ve been wondering about this and secretly envy those who have Sabbaticals the past 2 years.  There is a sense that the day will come when I could have a decent Sabbatical for long term faithfulness to God’s calling on my life.

The intense period for this week will be half way tonight after the LCMS Education Committee meeting at 4pm.  Then, two full days of meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Ministerium and Executive council.  I hope to survive physically, mentally and spiritually!

It was nice to talk with Elysia and Gareth last night.  Conversations with them always brings me to a different dimension. The dimension on focusing on what’s important and not just what is urgent.

Slowing down my breathing a little now. Entering into a more contemplative mode of operation.

This is a good Advent season to reconnect with who I am in terms of my origins and the future hope which serves as the orientation for my stumbling and fumbling forward in life on earth to the beyond. The contemplative in action, and active in contemplation and Luther’s realistic addition of “tentatio” – knowing God in the midst of struggles and suffering is the way I operate these days.  There is no other way.

Okay now it’s time to work out the agenda for the meeting this afternoon.

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