Random Links 310 (“Eli Wong” Edition)

* Reject * Resignation of YB Elizabeth Wong’s Resignation as ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor Tourism, Consumer and Environment Committee Chairman

Here’s a petition one can sign on to do their little bit. As of this post, it’s 1340 signatures!

The political rape of Elizabeth Wong

I spoke with an ordained woman pastor on the phone yesterday, it’s been a while since I’ve heard such fury coming out from one who’s known to be gentle and soft spoken. She told me there’s only 8 Chinese words worthy for those who have done this to Eli Wong. I’ll leave it for your imagination if you know Chinese! For now, read Bridget Welsh.

No question – the vicious attack on the integrity of the popular and dedicated state assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong – is an example of how women politicians are maliciously victimised.

The politics of decency

Chin Huat at his best.  I can imagine the energy he’d display as he passionately wrote this piece.

I would also object to calls for Wong, or hypothetically Khir, to resign on grounds of public morality, because of how politics should be conducted. As much as politicians would like to end their opponent’s political lives, they must do it only by legitimate means.

Seat-buying is wrong. Undermining our constitutional monarchy is wrong. Manufacturing an opponent’s sex scandals – whether through public or private means – is also wrong.

We’ve seen scandals targeting Anwar, Chua, PAS’s Mohd Sabu, PAS’s Halimah Ali, V Arumugam, and now Wong. Who’s next?

Should we let more private pictures and videos occupy our public discourse when we are facing a possibly colossal economic crisis?

Elizabeth Wong and partisan politics

An example of not being trapped in partisan thinking? Read on it’s written by  a central committee member of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia

Why must politics be dragged to such low levels?

Wong did the right thing to resign: Chua

it’s obvious who is doing the wrong thing, right? Let’s name all of them . I humbly submit a comment!

Can the media please STOP equating Elizabeth Wong’s tragedy with other so called "sex scandals"?

She has been wronged. Period.

She should not be punished.

The person who took the pictures, leaked the pictures, sold the pictures, the media who jumped on the pictures, politicians who used this incident for personal gain … they should be punished!

Gutter journalism

Anil spotted this early on . and I agree with him! It sickens me in the gut. Another boycott to teach the media a lesson is in place.  And I think more should be done.

“The Malay Mail played dirty by putting a picture of a bare-backed woman next to the story,” said one political analyst, who described it as “gutter politics”.

On the front cover, an unrelated photo of a bare-backed female Formula One driver on the right is staring towards the left at the bold headline of the Selangor nude photos story, “Fury over bedroom invasion”.

Apart from the juxtapositioning of an unrelated picture next to a sensationalist story, the choice of front-page story is revealing.

We are being struck by probably the greatest global economic downturn since the Great Depression – and some are predicting that it could be worse than that. Manufacturing and exports are nose-diving, workers are being laid off, others are struggling to cope with the high cost of living. Many ordinary people are suffering.

That’s not all. The Selangor state government is in the midst of crucial negotiations to take over water assets from private concessionaires who are eyeing a tariff hike. Perak is experiencing a major constitutional crisis.

None of these merits front page coverage in the Malay Mail, which instead has other priorities in its bid to sell more newspapers.

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