Random Links 314 (“By Elections 2-1” Edition)

Sweet victory for Nizar in Bukit Gantang

But bitter pills to swallow for his opponents?

LIVE: Pakatan conquers Bukits, submerged in Batang Ai

Anil does it again, great coverage with pictures included! Some interesting comments below.  God and the people get appreciated! Some good humor too!

[Comment From msian] 
Praise the Lord

[Comment From ruhysam] 

[Comment From pamela] 
Thank you voters for taking the courage to step forward to vote for justice

[Comment From son of malaysia] 
even my 10 and 12 years old daughter are celebrating with me on the rakyat win in the 2 hills. thanks anil for all the effort. god bless

[Comment From tskumar] 
Official result: Anil WON for best live reporting

[Comment From rania] 
I’m sad that Tun Mahathir didn’t go campaign in Batang Air. If he campaign in Batang Air, PR sure win.

[Comment From AbeEnd] 
TV1 masih lengahkan result ler!…Memang dah tau bila trend camni…

[From Anil]

One thing I noticed here is that there is a strong spirit of camaderie between the Pas supporters and the Chinese and Indian voters who supported Nizar. The Pas folks were truly appreciative of their Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters who extended their support for Nizar, and many Pas supporters simply thanked anyone they saw for their support.
In turn, many of these non-Muslim Pakatan/Nizar supporters have begun to see the folks in Pas in a new light and value their simplicity, honesty and goodness.
If there is one other little miracle for tonight – I was told that even some of the FRU personnel at the Taiping Town Council could not help smiling.

A good result for Malaysia – The Malaysian Insider

I would be checking out how the papers will put on their front page tomorrow. Read an old copy of the Sunday NST when I was having dinner with Gareth tonight.  Oh my Lord, the “propaganda” was so in your face.  I wonder when the mainstream media would change to be more “world class” 🙂 How does one see the way Malaysian Insider’s take?

Pakatan scores higher in 2 Bukits, BN keeps Batang Ai

Well the above is Malaysian Insider’s headline for now. Let’s see how the other papers do it tomorrow.

Shout, Shout, Shout It Aloud…

Tony Pua’s quick “not from a neutral standpoint” analysis (which is understandable, and ok) . . . what do you think?

      • The results are a clear endorsements of the Pakatan Rakyat 10 month-old Perak government for its multi-racial and multi-cultural policies benefiting the rakyat from all segments of the community. 
        The Kuala Sepetang polling district where the Chinese community comprises 97% of the 2,311 electorate voted 84.3% for a PAS candidate. This is an earth-shaking result demonstrating that barriers to racial and communal politics are being torn down and are being replaced by the politics of good and quality governance. 
        This is an indisputably historic result of enormous significance on the continued relevance of Barisan Nasional race-based “model” of governance.


      • The sizeable increase in victory margin for the Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin clearly sends the message to our newly installed Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak that the people wants the Perak State Assembly to be dissolved for fresh elections. The Prime Minister had on 6th March said that he wanted to “build a democracy responsive to the people’s needs” when he was commenting on the roles of the “new and old media”. 
        It is therefore high time, as a new Prime Minister, to do the right thing for democracy in Malaysia by ensuring that the people of Perak gets a Government they themselves elect via the dissolution of the current state assembly.


      • Finally, despite the tremendous odds – the feel good factor from a newly installed Prime Minister, a “successfully” concluded UMNO General Assembly, the ‘pop star’ presence of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, allocations amounting to millions to Chinese and Tamil schools which would not have resulted if not for the by-elections and the sudden release of some Hindraf ISA detainees, Malaysians in the Peninsula have voted for Pakatan Rakyat, a year-old coalition, which can only represent a dismal lack of confidence in our 6th and new prime minister.

The Tale of 2 Hills and a Stick

I’m not sure whether this guy is with a political party, I doubt it. But then no one is neutral anymore are we? He was kind enough to write a letter to the new PM.

1. Elections were held on a weekday, on a Tuesday some more; where it is difficult for people to take leave. If it is on Monday, people may take leave to go back and vote. But despite without the KL people (returning to the 2 Bukits) who would likely vote for Pakatan, BN still lost.

2. Elections were held AFTER UMNO election. So UMNO went into the 3 elections all fired up, and ready to fight, but they still lost.

3. We got a new PM, and normally the new PM is given a huge mandate by the people to give the new PM a chance. Mahathir got it in 1982. Pak Lah got it in 2004. But Najib started with 2 defeats. Despite all his effort to visit the people in PS boutique, Kerinchi and Brickfield; he still lost.

4. Millions were pumped in, yet BN lost.

5. 13 ISA detainees were released, and the 2 opposition papers were allowed to publish again, Najib’s way of showing he ‘cares’, but he still lost.

6. Despite their ‘trump card’ Mahathir campaigning for BN, they still lost. Actually Mahathir and for that matter Samy Vellu are massive liabilities for BN, but never mind lah. So long as these people are in BN, BN will not win.

We can analyze till the cow come home on why BN or more importantly, UMNO lost; but the fact is very simple – people just dont trust BN (Particularly UMNO) anymore.

Najib, hope you read my letter in my earlier posting.

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