7 Pleasures That Keep Me Sane


1. Having a Hair-Cut is amazingly relaxing.

2. Warm-almost-hot water tastes good.

3. I love the feel of the the wind blowing in my face.

4. Eating Potato Chips. Such pleasure!

5. Journaling. It helps to unload everything inside me on paper.

6. One cup of coffee in the morning.  Only one not more.

7. The practice of Examen like reflecting on the highs and lows recaptures “moments”.

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man of one wife, father of four kids
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18 Responses to 7 Pleasures That Keep Me Sane

  1. G says:

    I wanna be… i wanna be… i wanna be just like sivin.

  2. Sivin Kit says:

    I can never look . . . never look … never look like greg . . . 🙂 But then again, I can still get fitter . ..

  3. DB says:

    like the new look but one cup a morning…………………………….

  4. Jo-Ann says:

    Number (4)- eating potato chips. I totally agree. My favourite- Cottage Fries, Tomato Flavour. Hard to find these days. Lays also great but so expensive. Kettle Chips – sea salt, also very expensive.

    Watching a favourite TV serial- serial of this year so far- Brothers and Sisters (which my husband says is a soap opera but haha he watches it with me!)

  5. minishorts says:

    wah your photo …. hak sei yan!

  6. Alex Tang says:

    good simple pleasures. That will make you the sanest human being around.

  7. Sivin,
    I love these suggestions. We have made life so complicated and have been so distracted by the consumer culture that constantly tells us we need more and more to be happy and sane. We forget that it is the simple pleasures of life that keep us relaxed and sane. Blessings on you and your ministry

  8. Sivin Kit says:

    wow! It’s been a while since I got so many comments for 1 post. And now at least 7, not bad.

    Christine – thanks for your blessings and being such a blessing to me with your blog and your ministry too.

    Alex – sometimes it’s the simple stuff that’s most pleasurable. I’m sure you have lots too! Based on what I see around your computer 🙂

    Minishorts – Boo!

    Jo-Ann – I listed 7, which as you know opens up for more. And that would include at one point watching the new BattleStar Galatica and movies. Now, it’s back to movies, but a church member recommended Fringe, I might return to Law and Order Criminal Intent season 7.

    DB – Looks like I will switch between the more Zen Looking chopstick look, and the Darker sci-fi-ish Vista look. Yes, one coffee mate, two makes the hands shiver!

  9. Paul says:

    I like the new blog look. Cleaner and easier on my struggling eyes 🙂
    I have posted my own on my blog in response….

  10. Karen says:

    Like it! Great format. I’m just learning to blog… can you give me feedback on mine too?

  11. RC says:

    o i like this new look of your website

  12. Janelle Khoo says:

    Definitely watching movies and playing online scrabble… learning to laugh too..

    Your photo a bit scary le.. hee hee. But I like the new blog… the chinese feel… 🙂

  13. Sivin Kit says:

    Karen – thanks for the compliment. Hope to give you feedback later.

    RC – Thanks, looks like a simpler plain look is better. 🙂 I like the fishes at the side. Whether to show life, or to eat I’ll leave it to the beholder.

    Janelle – Imagine an insane Sivin. On the blog, the brushes are cool huh?

  14. SimianD says:

    The pleasures that keep me sane, in no particular order:

    1. Listening to U2 and jamming on my guitar.
    2. Train rides – any and all kinds of trains.
    3. Writing and journalling; helps me clear my head.
    4. Swimming and cycling.
    5. Holidays with friends: forests, beaches and busy cities work best.
    6. Playing with my dogs.
    7. Photography.

  15. Yew Khuen says:

    1. Chillin w. Jo-Ann in a villa in Bali (or any tropical paradise)
    2. Listening to Keith Jarrett
    3. A pint of weissbier
    4. Reading
    5. Afternoon naps
    6. A good run
    7. Cooking without time pressure

  16. Sivin Kit says:

    SimianD – U2 yes … and Brian Eno … and Ambient Music man!

    Yew Khuen – 40 winks … ah such pleasure!

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