10 Future Topics I want to Write About


I’m always alert to 101 things floating in my head whether it’s when I’m driving, listening to a lecture, engaged in an intense conversation, or whatever.

Here’s a list of 10 future topics I would like to write.

1. The place of Religion in Public and Private Tertiary Education in Malaysia.

2.  Major Ecclesiological issues confronting the Malaysian Church today.

3. Major Missiological issues confronting the Malaysian Church today.

4. The Formation of a Common Malaysian National Identity from a Christian perspective.

5. The Christian Federation of Malaysia: Towards the paradigm of “a Communion with an Apostolic Mission”.

6. Doing Good Together: Partnership between Faith Communities towards the Common Good of Society.

7. Doing Theology between the Local and Global context in Malaysia.

8. Decolonizing Christianity in Malaysia towards a Liberating approach to faith and practice.

9. Friends in Conversation: Moving beyond the polarities of Denominational and Theological  parochialism as well as the polarities of Evangelism and Inter-faith dialogue

10. Transforming Leadership in the Malaysian Church and Society.

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