Random Thoughts after Star Trek


I really liked the “Rebooted” Star Trek Movie. No complaints.

Made me wonder how would the Church in Malaysia look like if we “rebooted” ourselves with the same energy and focus that went into this movie.

Of course, made me wonder how would the government, various institutions and society in Malaysia would look like if the whole system went for a much needed “reboot”. Literally, we need more than a kick?

One meeting was rescheduled this morning.  That felt good. Another meeting opened up this afternoon before another appointment which both are cool. One is basic, another is beyond.

I noticed after watching Fringe that J.J Abrams seems to like certain fonts. I blame this sensitivity and all things in the media to my father. When I was young, he was always talking about them in the car when we pass a billboard.  Strange how our origin stories affect us so much 🙂

I giggled when a church member warned me from using Star Trek in my upcoming sermons 😛 Well, after the “rebooted” Battlestar Galactica series. Where else will I get my entertainment inspirations? Caprica?

I noticed prequels are the trend the past few years.  Interesting.  Seems like we have also grown the hunger to know how one get’s to where they are today as well as where one is heading to. Fascinating.

So, it’s not just who have we become but what led us to become who we are as well as the people who influenced us along the way.

Whoosh!!! Bam! I loved the new way they get into warp speed. 🙂

I loved the new way they show how people are “transported” too . ah the little details which make a lot of difference.

This post was meant for yesterday. Thursday is for Random thoughts. Friday is for family and friends.  More later.

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