Instruction Manual for Life [cc]

The whole 8 minutes is worth every second. Jonathan Brink‘s words below kind of lead me there:

"Perhaps we will find ourselves drawn to the author who believes in us enough to leave so many pages blank

(HT: Aaron Loy )


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5 thoughts on “Instruction Manual for Life [cc]

  1. Bob K

    I like it. I don’t know how to describe it but I like it.

  2. Jaces

    It’s interesting, but I don’t really get the meaning. If the instruction manual is refering to the bible, and that we shouldn’t be so stringent. Actually, how do one knows if he/she is reading the right book or intepreting the manual correctly?

    Right now, with so many denominations out there and some have conflicting beliefs, not all people have the adequate knowledge to know what to follow and what not.

  3. Good, pastor… Post more… Hope to see it more…

  4. Bob K – it’s an amazing piece of work.

    Jaces – The nature of Parables is to make us think and re-look at what we often take for granted. so, I think that’s what this one has done quite well. Many people will look at if with different reactions even from the 3 comments I see here.

    But, the issues you have raised are important. Try this, sure there are right ways and wrong ways on interpreting the Bible, e.g. many people read it like an encyclopedia – that’s a “wrong” way to read it because it was never meant to be read in that way. NOt a single book was. A “right” way is to take seriously the genre, the intentions, the background which invited the Bible documents to be written, this would also include a faith perspective included to really get to the heart of the message of the Bible.

    Now in between that, right or wrong – we are faced with a spectrum of more helpful or harmful ways of interpreting the Scriptures. And this is where we need to check out own biases and counter check with others which is an ongoing process. some level of conflict is part of that. I think the quicker we accept that fact the better. But having disagreements doesn’t mean we resort to violence or bullying. Ah, that’s another issue. 🙂

    johnson – you are always supportive huh?

  5. G


    I’ll repost this on my blog.

    Pastor, we prodigals are returning to church tomorrow. Where every piece of cupboard is welcomed.

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