The HOPE Party

I sent out an email invite yesterday entitled “Your special Invitation to the Hope Party”.

One reply said he thought it was a new political party.

Well, in the best sense of the word, I think we’re promoting the politics of HOPE! (as opposed to the politics of HATE) 🙂

But on a deeper level, this project is more about the people than party politics.

Join us TONIGHT to find out more.


With the mission of collecting the collective Malaysian voice on the topic of Hope, we’ve been going around asking our friends/colleagues/family/strangers these 3 questions :

1) What is hope to you?
2) What do you hope for?
3) How can you make your hope come true?

We’ve selected some choice answers to compiled into a book, some are on video -and some others are here on this site.
This Thursday we ‘release’ the book, and the limited edition t-shirt that comes along with it.

Come join us for the launch party.

Thursday, December 17th, 830pm

Luther Centre, 4, Jalan Utara, PJ. (opposite Asia Jaya LRT, beside Tun Husein Eye Hospital)

Click to view map.

There’ll be stories, videos, live readings – and light refreshments. Hopefully lotsa hope.

Let’s celebrate Hope this season.
See you then!

Project Hope : A project to gather the Malaysian voice on the topic of Hope.

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