Talk is Cheap, Do something EPIC today!

I tweeted earlier and said, ‘I am . is refreshed as always with intelligient youthful zeal. I support EPIC 2 Million voters. Boleh?:-)


  This so cool . check out what they stand for in their own words.

First things first, to clear all doubts and suspicion, neither EPIC for UNITY or Voice your Choice are tools of any political party. We are strictly non-partisan and not affiliated with any political parties. We have found out that many people cannot comprehend this but YES, we are SINCERELY doing this because we realize as youths we need to take up our responsibility to make our nation something we can all be proud of.  Nation development is rather tricky and even though we youths are anxious to make a difference we dare not say we can do it without the wiser more experienced generation. Therefore, all who have asked if there is an age limit or if you are TOO OLD? The answer is NO there is no age limit to dreams.

Voice you Choice is created by youths for ALL Malaysians

This is what it is all about.

This is not about PR or BN or any political parties

This is not about overthrowing the government

This is where corporate and political rivals can work together to meet a common need

This is where our faiths unite regardless of religion

This is about uniting all Malaysians for Malaysia

This is where we obtain the peace that comes from within and is not driven by our environment or circumstance. Peace is with those who can wake up every morning knowing they have done everything to the best of their abilities in making this country a better place.

This is about conquering ourselves, finding our voice and believing that it counts, only then can we know that this government, nation and world will be cured of the diseases that plague it.

This is about using a new yard stick to measure another fellow human, not by his race, status, and profession or academic achievement, but by the same believe that we want a better future and Equality for all.

The marker of success will be met when we successfully organize ourselves as one people, as organizations, and individuals.  When we hit the 2 million mark, only then do we know that we have conquered our past and became one Rakyat.

We learn from our past but are never haunted by it. We are dedicated and committed to using our present to shape our future. Join us!

I love the video they did.  It confronts my own tendency to slip into only ‘talking’ and ‘thinking’ mode.  Sure, there’s a time for talking and a time for thinking.  But there must be a time for doing.  If not, the talking and thinking is more about us being the privileged few. So, enjoy this 3 minute video. Then go and do something 🙂

Project EPIC HD by Fazil Fuad (FINAL CUT) from Fazil Fuad on Vimeo.

Just in case, you still got some energy to read on .

According to the Election Commission (EC) Deputy Chairman, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar in a report dated in January 2010, 4.39 million or some 28% of Malaysians over the age of 21 have yet to register as a voter. These are alarming statistics which we believe we have to do something about. To put things into perspective, the state of Selangor itself has an estimated 787,000 unregistered voters.

The decisions we make today shape our tomorrow, individually as a community, and ultimately as a nation. That is why we are beginning another EPIC movement we call EPIC for Unity.

This is where we want the people to start having faith & hope in this nation that we call HOME and love dearly. It is understandable that it has indeed been challenging to develop such positive feelings toward a nation that displays such a blatant disregard for ethics and the rapid decay of moral values in our community. We understand that we are disillusioned and feelings of helplessness have inhabited our minds and wills, causing us to stop striving for what we youths want.

We want to believe that the power of ‘one’ is not simply overrated, just rarely challenged

We want Positive Action not Negative Reactions

We want to integrate not tolerate

We want to stop complaining, and start acting

We want our friends to stop migrating overseas and our parents to stop telling us to do so

We want to be colour blind to our neighbours

We want to stand up to be responsible for our collective future and believe that others want to as well

We want all this but what are you willing to do to get it?

We want to voice our choice the best and most civil way we know how in practicing our democratic right…

By Voting

However before that happens, you first have to register as a voter… Have you? If you have, GOOD ON YA! If not, don’t feel bad, because the time is now.

We are on an EPIC Mission to gather 1,000,000 voters by the end of the year to mark the end of the first decade of this millennium.Yes, we said it! ONE MILLION! We believe that we will definitely hit and even exceed this number if you join us on this EPIC adventure to truly impact our community in an extraordinary way.

We will be launching our year-long campaign which we believe belongs to all of us on the 3rd and 4th of April.The launch will start of by setting up booths in high traffic malls which will be confirmed ASAP.
We will need at least 150 hands in promoting, registering,
setting up booths and pasting up posters.
We are targeting 20,000 people for the 2 day launch.

* in case you’re wondering we have NO political affiliations whatsoever*

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