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Redrawing boundaries for electoral success

Snap Elections soon?

But there is one reason why BN might not call for an election as early as 2011. And that is because the redrawing of electoral boundaries, an exercise allowed by law not less than eight years after the last one, can at the earliest commence only next year, in 2011. If the analysis that electoral delimitation usually favours the ruling party is true, then BN would want to wait until the exercise was completed, usually in two years.

Selangor PKR: Joceline Tan is wrong

This is not the first time Joceline Tan has been “outed”. Wan Saiful keeps it short and snappy:

What PKR has done in Selangor is not just good governance, but also visionary. By separating the party from the state in Selangor, PKR has leapt ahead of other parties. The party administration must be separate from the state administration. These two serve different roles. They must not be mixed.

Rosmah ad placed on govt’s behalf

This is the most read article in the Nut Graph.  Interesting. A sample of investigative journalism.  We are still waiting for a response? Or did I miss it?

The Nut Graph contacted both Jamaluddin’s office in Washington, DC and the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya last week about the government’s involvement in the ad, and how much it cost.

Both offices confirmed having received The Nut Graph‘s questions, but neither has replied thus far

Suara Keadilan suspended


Muhyiddin to Umno: Change soon or risk being overtaken

I’m a little out of touch lately.  Slowly getting back into the information loop. This article makes me wonder “why do we change?”  to what end? Some say this is “real politics”. Hmmm.

“Umno should have changed, but it was slow. Umno is like an old ship. We are not perceived as moving rapidly, so this is more critical if we are to face the 13th general election which is less than three years from now.

“If we (Umno) do not change, there will be people who will change us. They will take over (our role),” he said when opening the Putrajaya Umno delegates meeting, here tonight.

PM tells Malay contractors fate tied to Umno

I think statements like the following puzzles those who desire a better Malaysia for all. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all this plays out in the coming year. More media analysis needed.  Or is it so glaring for all to see?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Malay contractors last night not to be complacent as their fate was tied to Umno.

“The fate of Umno and that of the Malay contractors is inseparable,” he said when officiating the 31st annual general meeting of the Malay Contractors Association (PKMM).

“Malay contractors have to continue to support Umno.”

He likened the mutually beneficial relationship between Malay contractors and Umno to twohands clapping, citing the initiatives and incentives provisioned in the New Economic Model (NEM).

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