Random Thoughts before 1am


The good part is there’s no football match.

Next, I think I’m recovering from my flu.

Third, I finished my article touched 4000 words.  Not great, but let’s see.

Try short spurts for a change!

Got whacked. But then life’s full of them.

The waiting is different but it’s still waiting! 😛 There are variety of “waitings”, I call this the “now” and “not yet” kind.

So much on my plate, eat slowly.

One bite at a time.  But still have to bite.  Oh yes, must chew also.

I wonder how therapeutic all this vague metaphorical talk is.

Got two days to reenergize for the world cup final.  I like the color orange. But the Spanish music yesterday was awesome.

Words are so easily misunderstood.  It’s usually what we read “into” it more than what we read “out of” it.

Nice to change the type of journal I’m using for my analog journaling.  No lines! A lot that’s coming seems to be that way no lines to write on.

The Manuka honey did some wonders I think.  Might got for one more before I sleep.

Landed up keying these random thoughts after 1am.

Ah . little interruptions. But unavoidable.

as an ENFP, it was nice to get some encouragement to explore the academic sphere.  It’s not easy to be an ENFP, when  the context is more comfortable for ISTJs. Lord have mercy.

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