Random Thoughts before the Clock strikes 10am

001 I don’t like tantrums. Period.

Blind spots abound for ourselves and for others.  Usually, it’s ourselves that miss the point.

We ask for feedback. Sometimes, we don’t like what we hear but we asked for it.

Our energy level is limited.  At times we can rise to the occasion and navigate quite a storm.  At other times, we might prefer to stay home and let the storm settle.

When a team comes together, captures what’s happening, reflects on the lessons and insights learnt, and imagines what’s possible. That’s energizing.

The plate is still quite full.  Yes, “You asked for it”, some may say.  Or “You didn’t say No?”. This is the season to slowly chew what has been bitten. Bite new pieces – small pieces. Finish off what we can.

Finished a book within 2 days. Feels good to have done that. 91 pages.  Insightful without too much information crowding the main line of thought. Funny how the book somehow fits into some of the episodes I’m experiencing now. It’s totally focused on the public dimension but has personal implications.

Differences and uniqueness are here to stay. Indeed, the body has many parts, and each functions differently.  Such wisdom is so plain to see but we’re often so blind to it.  Why are we blind to it?  Not because we have the inability to see it, it’s more that other forces cloud what we can “see”. The question is what are those forces? Move it further down, how did those forces have such power over us?

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