Random Thoughts after Digging through some Old Photos


How time flies. 

Wow I was really thin then!

Hmm. the hair was thicker too 🙂

And of course, for someone who doesn’t like to fit in boxes, I did survive being put in one quite well.

These are the days of digital pictures, but Elysia is now enjoying the old photo albums.  It’s an expected moment of telling our history.

Even when I was a kid, Dad used to sit down with us a few times a year to look through his slide collection.

Those were the days where we relived the episodes which capture the many travels we embarked on.  These were the snapshots of the memories which shape who we are.

Of course, usually photos capture the happy moments.  But you and I know that a lot happens in between those smiles.  There would have been moments of loneliness, pain and unhappiness.  Scattered through out timeline would be the mundane as well as the magnificent.

And we just thought it’s photo albums right?

Photos merely point to the reality we experienced.  And in between the pictures are bits and pieces of the puzzle of our lives which are embedded in our neurons somewhere.

The feelings these pictures generate is amazing, and what triggers between the gaps are intriguing.

And ALL of this is part of who we are, the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly. 

Elysia is still looking through the photos of Daddy and Mummy – the younger looking “us”. 🙂 Somehow, what she’s doing is shaping who she is too. A young beautiful girl who continues the stories of Sivin Kit and Long May Chin, but she, Gareth and Ewan will go beyond us to chart their own masterpieces.

My prayer is that we have done and will do all we can to help them along the path. This is my simple prayer and desire which orients my actions. As parents we don’t want to hinder or hurt them, even though no one can fully guarantee that. We can merely intend to do what is right, the best that we can.  The rest is mystery.

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