Random Thoughts on a ‘”Marvelous Monday” homebound with Two Kids


I confess I haven’t been able to fully get into a writing mode.

I enjoy the oral and interactive mode of communication.  A lot of what has been going on the past weeks are captured by the project 365 pictures. In between there’s been good meetings for work, great appointments with friends, scattered encounters with the unplanned for, and just the mundane daily stuff.

This week is going to be intense as the weekend draws near.  Then another round the following week.  so, two cycles of intensity.

Thus, it’s crucial to have a needed break in between where life is intentionally NOT intense.

The leisurely coffee was nice. 🙂

My notebook fried on me 🙁 And just when I thought all is gone.  A neuron in my brain connected me mysteriously to a memory.  And we’ll see whether the warranty might resurrect my faithful notebook since 2007 November. Fingers crossed.  Prayer hands clasped.

Ewan has been showing growing affection to me.  Such a delight.  The fact is he’s “Mummy’s Boy”.  And this is understandable. Amongst all three kids, May Chin has spent the most time in Ewan’s development since birth.  One of the phrases which marks him differently from the other two is, “Mummy says, ‘_______'”.  Don’t underestimate those two words.  It’s authoritative and directive!

How will the week turn out? Would the much awaited news and next step finally come?  Hope so.  At the mean time, the rhythm of rest/reflection and work/action continues.

Of course, our fictional story the children and I have been telling in the evening based on fact continues to evolve with it’s twists and turns. The imaginary world is a fascinating place to be.  This is where we can try ideas, explore possibilities, test out models, dwell in some danger safely, and engage in a whole range of activity in the safety of the common world of our construction.

And yet, the messy, dirty, ugly, dusty mixed with pretty, witty, funny everyday existence wobbles on whether we like it or not.  And the wonders of our both worlds are equally real even though one is more real than the other, but the other is more possible to become real with some faith.

Looks like I’ll be back to packing some books.  Finish off one long awaited one.  It’s always easier to acquire books than pack them.  Starting a few books is peanuts. Finishing them is the hard work.  Scanning is fun thought 🙂

it’s 10am. So far, so good.

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