Random Thoughts with a couple of blank pages in front of me

076It’s been another one of those unexpected full weeks just when I thought I could take it a little easier.

Our lives aren’t always moving the way we expect it to. Too many other variables feed into our timetables.

Being soaked in the arts and literary creativity was so refreshing. Just what I needed at a human level.

It was also nice to be in a different “congregation”. People from all over town and spheres which I may be less familiar with. But somehow, we were all drawn in by words, melodies, imagination, meditation, the darkness as well as the light, the noise together with the silence.

I wish I could have stayed till the end.  So often it’s the after event conversations which deepen first impressions. But then, today is Saturday.  Tomorrow is Sunday.

I carried within my heart some heaviness. I confess some anger.

Here we are working our heads off and sweating all the way to make it a little more possible to not allow hatred to reign.  But then comes some self-appointed crusader only to using  sheer stupidity (I use this word deliberately) as well as not one inch of self-awareness (unless this is a total publicity stint), to pull the name we treasure so dearly down.

Please not in our name or the name of our Scriptures! For goodness sake, I prefer people to stand up for what is truly right.  Before making sure what that is, please sit down and let others check out the fancy ideas we have to so called “bring awareness”.

the last I remember, apart from compassion there is this word that rhymes with it – Wisdom!

Okay . I better not carry on.  I have already “vomited  enough blood” (to use a Cantonese expression).

Breath in, Breath out.

My pages are still blank . I’m going to take this to the Almighty Abba Father. We’ll trash it all out there. Lord have mercy.

It’s good to get back to some writing.  I think digging through some old blog posts for my potential upcoming book helped.


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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts with a couple of blank pages in front of me

  1. zewt

    so… what is it?

  2. zewt – timing brother timing. Plus, I don’t want to draw undue attention to the pastor and church in particular. Why help them with their SEO .. search engine optimization 😛

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