Random Thoughts before the next two steps into October


The multi-harmony chorus from the birds singing in the morning is refreshing.  Pleasant sunshine is preferred over a gloomy rainy morning.  The recharge is so needed before a very long day.  Denominational executive council meetings aren’t what I’d call “a party” -) And yet, I wouldn’t say they are unnecessary or a waste of time.  Too many of us unfortunately dismiss too prematurely the boring, mundane, and often maintenance-like nature of such meetings.  But they have their place, because when we clear as much as possible the organized bit of our work, then the organic piece may flourish better.

* * *

I’m delightfully amazed by the possibilities at I step into the month of October.  The unexpected nomination and invitation to a conference in London will be a good exposure and learning experience on a specific topic which I’m less familiar with, i.e. “arms trade” and yet it’s part of the theme of “peace building” which I’ve devoted some thought and time on.

Providentially (a faith inspired way of saying “accidentally” 🙂 ), I will have a chance to finally travel to Kristiansand, Norway after the conference to meet key people and sort out as much as possible key concerns. In many ways, this was unexpected.  But then again, so often while we have plans forward, the unexpected for better or for worse leaps in.  In this case, I’m thankful it’s for the better.

* * *

I have noticed for sure in 2010, I’ve have written so much less than previous years on this blog.  This is obvious after I’ve compiled my “raw” material for a potential book coming soon. But I’m happy to have been consistent with my Project 365, even if I missed a couple of days. I might have added or subtracted accidently (now surely not providentially) a number or two.  Not bad I’m at number or day 268 and coming to the end of the year.

I’m not sure how I will integrate the pictures with the book.  After looking at what the Nut Graph did with “Found in Malaysia”, there are some ideas floating around now. Perhaps, a both-and kind of book? Hmm. more thought after I meet the editor.

* * *

The “unexpected” that seems to be the theme for September. In a world where there’s full of “expectations”, it’s funny that so many “unexpected” episodes crop up, and then we’ll have to deal with them one by one.  Some days it’s delightful, other days terrifying, and always defying our own sense and need for control.

My day today is quite predictable for now. But once I step out of the door, you never know. So how does one get ready to face the “unexpected”? I guess, for starters, just acknowledging they might come brings some level of calmness already.  The other important ingredient is to have a mind which is not narrow, and a heart which is expanded, and a posture in life which is not too rigid. Then we won’t be easily broken.

* * *

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