Random Thoughts while exploring a new blog writer

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This is a trial run. I still miss the WYSIWYG Windows Live Writer. But anyway, I’m in the season of change anyway.

One thing is the sure I have not been able to get back to blogging regularly as before. Twitter has changed that. Project 365 has changed that. Haven’t even done any Random Links lately which may indicate I haven’t been reading mush online lately. I do the regular scans. But thats still different from reading.

Mind mapping some of the stuff on my plate was helpful. And resisting to jump in immediately and do stuff is helpful. It’s the GTD reboot that I need so much. The clutter is there. And I suppose, I would manage to unclutter one section of the apartment today. (hopefully).

The feel the nudge to write. I think it’s because once I get into it, I slow down. Right now, my mind is zooming all over the place. Pictures are helpful for me to center for the day, and Project 365 helps me think about ONE moment I’d like to dwell on or savor. Writing on the other hand pulls the brakes a bit, and makes me dwell on the words a little more. One’s thoughts need words to sit on. Then the ramblings in the mind can turn to meditative conversations of the heart.

So, the last few weeks has been great to revisit photography – and therefore the joy of pictures. I sense it’s time to settle down more and revisit the satisfaction of writing, and even linking again.

We’ll see.

It’s the process of beginning again, and again … and again!

*Update: Now I’m adding this line with another blog writer, looks like I’m crossing over to this one! :-)*

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