Random Thoughts through the learning curve blogging through Blogo

There seems to be some bugs I need to figure out in due time. I like the full screen no distraction function right now.

Oh yes, I’m trying out Blogo.

It’s helpful in getting me back to blogging, that’s for sure 😉

* * *
The behind the scenes preparations for another Friends in Conversation event in the month of November has been very illuminating. I find myself reflecting constantly on what are we hoping to achieve, and also what we are authentically expressing from our own journey thus far. It’s a delicate balance.

It’s like an artist or a musician, there are some stuff we do is purely for the sake of the art. And yet, we cannot neglect the need to communicate a message so that it doesn’t just become only about us. There’s a desire to reach out beyond ourselves.

It’s easier to just be oneself when we are with likeminded people. And of course, we are not into shoving our ideas down people’s throats, especially those who may not think like us. And yet, how do we share without coming across as dominating, or worse condescending is a worthy point for self-examination.

* * *
The conversations I had during a surprising connection made me think a lot about how does a community and more specifically a team stick together for the long run. How can our life and work together be sustainable? Even if it’s not going to be eternal in a sense, but we are in this not just to be a shooting star. So, even listening to how music bands form, and different personalities interact, who’s the glue, who’s the visionary, who’s the provocateur and so on is fascinating.

* * *

The solitude now is pretty refreshing. When I was driving home, I got the sense the haze is back. Maybe that’s why my body doesn’t seem to be in tip top form. And I’ve been sneezing on and off. Hope I won’t fall sick. Then again it’s the simple act of drinking more water and getting enough sleep right?

What am I doing now? Blogging in the middle of the night. ROFL.

* * *

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