Beyond 100: Another Batch of books to “let go” (updated)

The next batch for Project "Letting Go" ūüôā Sunday Night Specials.
Again, first come, first sold.  50% goes to BLC Renovation Fund.  Collection in PJ or Bangsar. :-) ~ Sivin

101. Culture Craft – Sessoms & Buckland ~ RM20
102. When Men think Private thoughts – Gordon MacDonald ~ RM25
103. Where is God when it hurts – Philip Yancey ~ RM10
104.  Learning to Lead: A Workbook on becoming a leader РWarren Bennis ~ RM45
105. How to Cartoon or Caricature Anyone – Mark Linley ~ RM20
106. Traveling Mercies – Anne Lamott ~ RM15
107. Light in the World: Living Encounters with God – Kwa Liem Kok ~ RM10
108.  The Practice of Prayer РRobert Warren ~ RM15
109. Becoming A People of Grace: Exposition on Ephesians ~ Charles Swindoll ~ RM20
110. Devotional Classics: Selected readings for Individuals & groups – Richard Foster ~ RM20
111. The Imitation of Christ – Thomas A Kempis ~ RM25
112.  Leadership by the Book РBlanchard, Hybels, Hodges ~ RM55 (Hardcover)
113. Will the World End in 2012? – Raymond Hundley ~ RM40
114. The Mind Map Book – Tony Buzan ~ RM35
115. A  Biblical Approach to Chinese traditions & beliefs РDaniel Tong ~ RM30
116. Adventures in MIssing the Point: How the culture-controlled church neutered the Gospel – Campolo & McLaren ~ RM50 (Hardcover)
117. The Post-Evangelical (revised North American Edition) – Dave Tomlinson ~ RM20 (Hardcover- New!)
118. Shapes of the Church to come – Michael Nazir-Ali ~ RM40
119. Where do we go from here? A Guidebook for the Cell Group Church – Ralph Neighbor. Jr. ~ RM35
120. Following Jesus without Embarrassing God – Tony Campolo ~ RM45
121. The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language – Eugene Peterson ~ RM150 (Hardcover)
122. The Monarch Book of Christian Wisdom – Robert Paterson ~ RM25
123. Reaching for the Invisible God – Philip Yancey ~ RM30
124. Six Thinking Hats – Edward De Bono ~ RM35
125. You Can Lead  Bible Discussion Group РTerry Powell ~ RM25

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