Random Thoughts while Anja is sound asleep!

I’m back with my Apple wireless keyboard with some cool music playing in the background. Jars of Clay 🙂

The sun is shining bright outside. A simple lovely scene when the leaves are green in a golden way. The walks are especially pleasurable when the wind massages my face, the little hair I have gets to dance a bit.

Maybe some people who see might think I’m a little mad at times. I suddenly realized I was talking to myself the other day. There was some intense dialogue going on in side the meat between my ears, which bubbled out from my lips.

Topics of discussion. Mostly philosophical and theoretical musings which is occupying my attention. Inspirations from Russia to France to Spain then India reaching to South East Asia, and multiple leaps back and forth in a ‘rhizomatic’ way.

I find myself very conscious of the ‘intra-dialogues’ going on inside of me. And what’s even more dynamite is when one takes note that within this strange inner conversations that leak out. There’s an amazing ‘sense’ that these feeble thoughts are including loads of other conversation partners without them knowing (some are dead so maybe they do know watching from somewhere? while others are “sneezing” when I’m talking about them or their ideas in the world of Sivin Kit?)

I must confess it’s been quite a luxury to even do all the above. Once upon a time, we were rushing from one street to another to pick up food or pick up the kids. The mobile phone would shout for attention, or SMSes buzzing on and off. But that’s life for perhaps a lot of us.

So, a sabbath was in order. And I do treat my time here in that light even though ‘technically’ I’m practically ‘doing research’ and ‘training my academic mind. most of my waking hours. But having a ‘Sabbath’ dimension provides an energizing perspective especially after a very intense period of my life and work back in Malaysia.

I’m thankful for this opportunity. I wonder what I will say after a few years looking back to this blog post. But right now, that is only mere imagination, I’m living in the present. And every ‘act’ of reflecting and writing will impact what I might think when that time comes, where I am right now is the ‘now’ and thus I’m soaking it all in.

It feels good to blog again. Perhaps more later? Because ‘now’, I’ve decided to ‘move’ to the kids ‘cave’ to tell them the ‘story of the rat king chasing after Tin Tin, Robin, Snowy and Sunny’. It’s all fiction, but then again is it? 🙂

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