4 Responses to 276: Gratulerer med dagen, Gareth!

  1. Salam Sivin and family,
    This my first time visiting your blog. Let’s keep in touch and my warm regards to your wife. Thanks for sharing so much information with your blog visitors.
    Norani AB

  2. Sivin Kit says:

    thanks for dropping by Norani, I was at AAR San Francisco, but somehow missed the session where Miroslav Volf spoke. Let’s keep in touch

  3. You can find his lecture (Professor Volf) from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Click “Faith and Globalization Program,” then go to “Faith and Globalization Initiatives.” I took this course in 2010. Have fun watching!

  4. Sivin Kit says:

    Thanks Norani, I watched some of the videos in that series, we should have something similar back in Malaysia more at multiple levels. Are you now based more in USA and go back occasionally?

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