Imagining My PhD Journey

Inspired by Chris Tilling’s Marking a pile of biblical studies essays, here’s my adaptation for my potential journey.  Since it’s not finished yet, I’ll use the word ‘potential’ to signify that. Smilefjes

* * *

When I started it feels like this, and on and off I wake up in horror feeling like this too!


Sometimes when I read my own ‘production’ I do this, hopefully my supervisors won’t have to do too much of it.


By the time I get into ‘editing’ mode, and perhaps the 50th revision, I enter this ‘zone’:


and this


When all this is over, I want to do this!


* * *


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man of one wife, father of four kids

2 thoughts on “Imagining My PhD Journey

  1. Alex Tang

    welcome to the twilight world of PhD development

  2. JB

    Hey Sivin, so funny reading this post from the vantage point of where the cat jump into. Soon, very soon now, it will be your turn!

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